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Social Disability Model: A Better Way to Treat Those Who Are Incapacitated

Social model of disability suggests that disability is due to the way society is being organized rather than the person’s difference of impairment. Social disability model is always on the search of ways to remove the barriers that restrict life choices for incapacitated or disabled people. Click this link to discover the best cruise liner. When these barriers are removed, every disabled person can be independent with equal standing on the society with own control and choice for their own lives. It was the initiative of disabled people to develop the social model of disability because the traditional medical model did not clearly explain their own personal experience of disability or is able to help or develop more inclusive ways of living.

Social Model and Medical Model of Disability

Barriers are not just about the physical incapacity. Attitudes in the society that are based on stereotype or prejudice disable other people from having equal opportunities to become a part of the society.

To understand more about disability, we will now compare the two models of disability. The social model of disability says that it is the society’s way of organizing that causes disability. The medical model on the other hand suggests that the cause of the disability is the people’s differences or impairment. Under the medical model, these differences of impairments should be changed or fixed by medical and other effective treatments even if the difference of impairment does not cause illness or pain. The medical model is looking at what’s wrong with the person and not on what the person needs.

Here are some examples:

  • A person using a wheelchair wants to get into the building with a step at the entrance. The social model would suggest that a ramp would be added to the entrance so that any person with a wheelchair could easily get into the building. On the other hand, medical model would show us that there are few solutions to help the wheelchair user to climb the stairs and most of the time it would despise them from having many leisure and essential activities.
  • A teenager that is suffering from a learning disorder wants to move out and live as independent but is unsure on how to pay the rent. Under the social model, the person would be supported financially to pay for the rent. Under medical model, these persons are most likely to be expected to live in a communal home.